Meet our Team

Meet the Southpac Certifications team and Lead Auditors who drive our approach to Certification Differently.

Management & Admin

Andy Shone


Andy has been leading Southpac in the capacity of CEO since 2014 and had previously held the role of General Manager for four years. In this time Southpac has grown to become one of the South East Queensland region’s leading provider of certification services. Andy is an active lead auditor and consultant and has conducted hundreds of audits and led the implementation of management systems for over 30 diverse organisations.

Jeremy Fisher

Business Development Manager

Jeremy has developed an extensive professional network over two decades, following his keen interest in establishing and strengthening relationships. Working with people from all backgrounds and industries, Jeremy has been pivotal in growing Southpac’s brand across South East Queensland and harnessing the ethos of Certification Differently. Coming from a small business background, Jeremy’s passion lies in building and cultivating trusted connections in order to accelerate business growth.

Luis Gil

Certification Coordinator

Luis’ background is in aviation, management and the defence. He has combined all of this experience to focus on the certification needs of Southpac clients. With qualifications in Management, Environmental Management, Auditing and Aviation, Luis is a qualified auditor and is responsible for all certification activities for Southpac. Luis has also worked in various countries throughout the globe and has experience working in the cabin service team of a major international airline.

Lead Auditors

Amy Kight

Lead Auditor

Amy has a passion for promoting individual, professional and business growth. During consultations, Amy takes a holistic approach and explores the leadership, management systems, people and practices in place to guide businesses towards overall business improvement. With qualifications in Psychology, Education, Auditing and Management, Amy is a highly skilled auditor who works across several industries to support businesses of all size and scope to reach their full potential.

Ben Hilditch

Lead Auditor

Ben has worked as a HSEQ professional for over 10 years across several industries and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to ensure clients’ needs are met as part of the audit, assurance and certification process. He has worked in the Defence, Aviation and Oil and Gas arenas and worked directly on major infrastructure projects across Australia. Ben holds a degree in Occupational Health and Safety and is a Qualified Tradesman. He believes in making the accredited systems fit your business – and not the other way around.

David Munns

Lead Auditor

David is a licenced commercial pilot and helicopter pilot with over 30 years’ experience in all aspects of the aviation industry from GA to commercial and the Navy. David also has worked as a trainer to the Mining Industry, teaching and operating some of the largest dump trucks in the world. Career highlights include carrying out an operational and depot level maintenance on UH-1 ‘Huey’ and Eurocopter ‘Squirrel’ helicopters as well as F/A-18 Hornets, teaching as a Commercial Helicopter Theory Instructor for Advanced Flight Theory and working with Airways Aviation as the Senior Theory Instructor.

Ethan Fricke

Lead Auditor

Ethan is an experienced Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental professional who has provided consultancy and auditing services that enable organisations to develop, implement, and lead health and safety improvement initiatives. He has led executives, front line and safety leadership teams in the understanding and application of key health and safety management principles, culture and behaviour changing, strategic planning and execution. Ethan has also supported safe work environments for employees on the job, mitigating situations as needed to ensure safe working environments for numerous locations.

Trevor Bock

Lead Auditor

Trevor has over 25 years’ experience in commercial aviation and specialises in all aspects of aviation quality and safety management. His career has taken him through many roles within the industry including Pilot, Instructor, Quality & Safety Lead Auditor, Fleet Manager, Safety Manager, Check & Training Captain, Flight Operations Manager and IATA Operational Safety Audit (IOSA) Lead Auditor.

Glenn Adams

Lead Auditor

As a professional engineer with significant management experience, Glenn assists business with transitions and GAP analysis. As a UKAS approved auditor, he regularly audits and certifies OHS, Environmental, and Quality Management Systems to the ISO standards on behalf of Southpac Certifications.

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