Certification Differently

Certification Differently

At Southpac Certifications, we believe in doing things differently. We know businesses are tired of the same old tick and flick approach, which is why we have built our reputation around Certification Differently – taking a fresh approach to certification.

We want the organisations we work with – both big and small – to see the benefits and success that ISO Certification can facilitate. We truly believe that effective management systems are a key enabler of that success and working with the right certification body can drive material improvements in system performance, resilience and reliability.

More than a tick

We provide support

Through flexible arrangements and understanding the needs of your business.

We create partnerships

With our clients to support their business to grow and succeed beyond the certification.

We add value

By constantly looking for ways to improve your systems and, ultimately, your business.

We collaborate

With you to create resilient systems that are both reliable and based on common-sense.

We simplify the content

By focusing on standards and not jargon or loads of paperwork.

We are personable and responsive

As a small business ourselves, every client is important to us. We value your time and aim to deliver a quote within 24 hours.

What is
Certification Differently?

Our goal at every point of contact is to offer a fresh perspective and add real value to see our client’s business grow and succeed. Auditing for us is not just an exercise to ‘tick the boxes’ every year, but an opportunity to get fresh eyes on the system and see how we can make a difference to an organisation’s processes.

An organisation that is audited by Southpac Certifications will be assigned a dedicated Lead Auditor who is committed to both assurance and improvement. They will work with all personnel as a team to provide assurance that the systems are not just compliant but are actually implemented and working to improve the business.

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What to expect

Auditors with personality

A common-sense business approach

Improvement and a value-adding focus

Collaboration in improving system resilience and reliability

Flexibility and an understanding of your needs

What not to expect

A tick and flick approach

Focus on irrelevant aspects of standards

Non-conformances raised on wording discrepancies and compliance alone

Use of complicated jargon and terminology

Incompetence and unprofessionalism

What our Clients say

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