Welcome to Certification Differently

Are you tired of the same old audits, following the same old checklist coming up with the same old conclusions?  I don’t know about you but we are fairly over the tick and flick approach, doing the bare minimum to put certificates on the wall.  Quite frankly I think most organisations are getting tired of paying over the odds for those ticks.

At Southpac Certifications, we believe in doing things differently.  It’s for that reason that we take a new approach to certification.  When your organisation is audited by Southpac Certifications, you will be assigned Lead Auditors, dedicated to Assurance, dedicated to Improvement.  They will work with your personnel as a team to provide assurance that your systems are not just compliant, but actually implemented and working for the associated stakeholders.

We want to see you be successful.  We want you to see that effective management systems are a key enabler of that success and working with the right certification body can drive material improvements in performance and system resilience and reliability.

Welcome to Certification Differently…

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