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17131050_mlDecades of experience across a range on industries has given Southpac Certifications inside into the best solutions for businesses. All of our solutions can be tailored to suit an industry or business.

Management Systems Certification

Southpac Certifications has the capabilities to offer certification to three standards; ISO9001, ISO14001 and ASNZS 4801*.

Management Systems Certification is evidence that your business meets the international requirements and is working to continually improve its systems and processes. There are both internal and external benefits for implementing and being certified to a management systems such as  staff and customer satisfaction, greater control and consistency, cost-saving, training and development, increased efficiency and advantage when tendering and advertising.


Audits for conformance to Internal Standards or regulatory requirements. The audit process is a key pillar and a main driver in any Quality or Safety Management System. There are many negative connotations associated with audits however an audit needs to be viewed as a positive experience and should provide opportunities for improvement.

Independent and objective assessment of the effectiveness of your management system. This allows the identification of opportunities for improvement as well as acts as a medium for feedback to senior management on compliance, ideas, solutions, risk, exposure etc.

Gap Analysis

A Gap Analysis allows us to see what systems already exist and where the most value can be added. There is little point in changing existing practices that already meet the standard.
*Southpac currently only hold accreditation for the ISO9001 Quality Management Scheme but are currently seeking accreditation for OHS and EMS
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