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Our Auditors are some of the best in the business with an enormous pool of experience and expertise across a range of industries.

Andy ShoneAndy Shone

Over the past four years Andy has taken over the reins of Southpac and is steering the company to further growth and overseas expansion. Andy is a Certified Lead Auditor who oversees the quality, safety & OHS audits for Southpac Certification clients.

Through his various positions Andy gained experience working with many businesses within aviation and beyond.

Andy is an Auditor, Trainer, Consultant and Business Development Manager with a wealth of knowledge and experience implementing quality management systems for a range of organisations.

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Trevor Bock Captain Trevor Bock

Trevor is a Pilot, Teacher, Trainer, Lecturer, Quality and Safety Lead Auditor, Fleet Manager, Safety Manager, Check and Training Captain, Flight Operations Manager, IATA Operational Safety Auditor (IOSA) Lead Auditor with vast experience working with a wide range of industries and organisations.

Trevor has many years experience in training and teaching ranging from secondary school to university and adult vocational training. His background is a benefit to the aviation industry as he is able to draw on his extensive knowledge of training, IT, business management, HR, quality management, safety management and flight operations.

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Lynn CookLynn Cook

Lynn is an accredited Auditor with the Queensland Department Workplace Safety in Construction and Main Roads.

Lynn spent in excess of 30 years in the Retail Sector as a senior manager before her departure into Small Business ownership and now has clients that rely on her guidance from all sectors of the work place.

Lynn has worked with a variety of industries including retail, logistics, high risk earth moving companies, construction, manufacturing, farming and agriculture and course main roads traffic management.

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Valentina TaparcevskiValentina Taparcevski

Valentina holds a diploma of quality auditing and has experience conducting ISO9001 and RSCA Service Delivery Standard audits for a range of clients.

Valentina’s key skill is in quality management and process improvement. She has worked in various positions within the health and aged care sector including business development, change management and continuous quality improvement.

Valentina has built quality management systems for numerous agencies and has conducted audits across various health and community care facilities in Queensland.

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Libby BakewellLibby Bakewell

Libby has gained Post Graduate qualifications in both Occupational Health and Safety and also Workplace Health and Safety. Libby is currently focused on promoting safety within aviation maintenance companies through a Human Factors training Program which will meet CASA Human Factors Training compliance standards.

Her commitment and passion for improving the safety culture within organisations motivated her to become degree qualified in Aviation Human Factors and she spent a number of years employed by Qantas as a Human Factors Trainer. Libby is also experienced in both aviation auditing and ISO 9001 auditing and certification.

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Rebecca GilRebecca Gil

Bec is a trainer, auditor and management systems consultant. Bec’s has had a career in customer service with experience in the aviation industry, as a trainer, tourist park manager and consultant.

Bec spent 6 years working for an award winning International Airline based in Dubai and furthered her studies at Griffith University completing her Masters in Aviation Management in 2010. Her thesis was entitled ‘Causes, Identification and Reduction of Cabin Crew Sickness’.

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Dr Gloria CarterDr Gloria Carter

Gloria is a registered Business Improvement, Environmental Lead, and OHS Lead Auditor with Exemplar Global (formerly RABQSA International), and American Quality Society, EMS Consultant with INEM SPRL, Belgium, evaluation researcher with AES and AVETRA, company director with AICD, career advisor with ACER, disability service provider with ANZSSA, teacher with QCT and trainer-assessor with AITD and IVETA.

Gloria specialises in lead auditing (AS/NZS ISO 9001:2008 QM, 14001:2004 EM, 4801:2001 OHS, 18001-2007 OHSAS, disability, education, food and health), research (action, evaluation, market, multimethod), strategic business planning, education and project management, instructional design and support services (career, disability, language, literacy, numeracy). Gloria holds qualifications in auditing, business, career guidance, disability, education, environment, fashion, IT, and work health & safety.

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Luke Suthern Luke Suthern

Since completing a Bachelor of Engineering (Civil) in 2003, Luke has gone on to gain a wide array of industry experience in the field of civil and structural engineering. He has driven the design, documentation and project management of countless projects, from the initial conception, design phase, and through to completion.

Luke’s technical background enables him to effectively relate to the needs of clients and industry colleagues. Luke is an experienced auditor whose engineering background is an asset to many organisations.

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